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Lodging – Laundry

Do you manage or operate a hotel/motel/other facility that launders linens and towels? VSS offers several laundry systems that can fit the needs of small homestyle operations on up to 5 star hotels. Our laundry line has been reformulated over a year ago to include no phosphates, NPE’s and other harsh chemicals.

Prespotting Linens

VSS290 – Enzolve (liquid)
VSS291 – Blast It (liquid)
VSS181 – Detergent Booster (powder)
VSS159 – Bleach Rite Plus (powder)

5 Product Laundry

VSS230 Cloud 9 – Break

VSS240 Cloud 9 – Detergent

VSS260 Cloud 9 – Destainer

VSS265 Cloud 9 – Destainer CS

VSS250 Cloud 9 – Neutralizer

VSS270 Cloud 9 – Softener

VSS204 Cloud 9 –  Conditioner

3 Product/4 Product

VSS245 Cloud 9 – Built Detergent
VSS260 Cloud 9 – Destainer | VSS265 – Destainer CS
VSS250 Cloud 9 – Neutralizer
VSS270 Cloud 9 – Softener

Homestyle Washers

VSS242 Cloud 9 – Detergent Free
VSS248 Cloud 9 – Homestyle Detergent

Houskeeping Cart

Spray Bottles made up from your Mop Station concentrates:
VSS196 Glass Clean Conc. – Buy Now
VSS198 Bathroom Cleaner
VSS130 Disinfectant/Sanitizer – Buy Now
VSS400 Room Care Air Freshener

Ready To Use:
VSS186 Glass Cleaner
VSS189 All-Purpose Cleaner

Mop Station

Glass Cleaner:
VSS196 Glass Clean Conc. – Buy Now

Bathroom Cleaner:
VSS198 Room Care 400 – Buy Now

Disinfectant – All Purpose:
VSS130 Disinfectant/Sanitizer – Buy Now

Floor Cleaner:
VSS071 Quarry Floor Break – Buy Now
VSS103 Bio Track Floor – Buy Now
VSS174 Floor Clean – Buy Now

Air Freshener:
VSS400 Cloud 9 – Northern Pine

VSS405 Cloud 9 – Orange Blossom

VSS410 Cloud 9 – Citrus Grove

VSS415 Cloud 9 – Paradise

For over 30 years, Ver-tech Solutions & Service has been manufacturing premium products for the food service, lodging, hospitality, and other commercial industries. We carry some of the best cleaning products in the industry. Shop Online Today